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Kids of all ages, from tots to teens, like having their own space in which to play or simply ‘hang out'. They may want to play pretend and lock themselves away in a world created by a wonderful imagination and a desire for fun, or they may want to sit quietly in relative privacy as they get lost in a book or crack on with some arts and crafts. Some youngsters may even want their own space to do homework in. Whatever the purpose, ensuring your child has their own separate space, designed around their tastes and needs, is essential.

Of course, the type of space a child needs changes depending on their age (as well as their hobbies, their tastes and practical constraints). However, there are some types of space that can change and adapt with a child, saving you the effort of switching from Wendy houses to treehouses to actual rooms and so on.

A Hobbit Hole is a great idea for youngsters who want their own ‘place' to escape to.

Just like a Wendy house, you have the option of buying a readymade Hobbit Hole structure or you can opt for a DIY version instead. Either way, you will create a little room away from the rest of the world, which kids can decorate and personalise themselves as they get older.

The idea of a Hobbit Hole works for children of all ages, from one to 100, because it offers privacy, practicality and somewhere imaginations can roam.

You don't have to live at Bag End to have a Hobbit Hole at home though. All you need is the right materials, a little imagination and some DIY know-how. If you don't fancy buying a readymade luxury Hobbit Hole like this High Life Tree House model, read on for some inspiration and advice on how to set up your own.

The Structure

The structure of an actual Hobbit Hole is quite complex, but for the sake of a play house or den, all you need is the basic shape and enough interior space to accommodate your child's needs. Wooden palettes and other DIY materials are the best bet, but as long as the structure is safe, secure and durable enough for what could be heavy use, the final choice of materials is yours. For inspiration, see this plan. As you go on with the build, you will be able to tweak plans and be as creative and imaginative as your time and skill will allow.

The Interior

How your Hobbit Hole looks inside will depend very much on its intended occupant. Will it be used by a young lady who likes shabby chic patterns and material? A young man who wants the authentic hobbit experience? Or a teenager whose idea of decoration is posters on the walls and beanbags everywhere else? However you go about it, decorating your Hobbit Hole's interior is part of the overall fun. Remember; this is a Hobbit Hole, so things don't have to match or look too put together - unless your little hobbit really wants them to.

The Finishing Touches

The finishing touches are what really make your Hobbit Hole a place for imagination, adventure and escape. It is the finishing touches that make a Hobbit Hole standout as a place for kids to enjoy, away from the world of adult responsibility. Of course, not living in Bag End, you will likely struggle to dig your Hobbit Hole down into the ground or design its surrounding to look just like The Shire. You will however be able to use artificial grass to cover your Hobbit Hole's roof and to give your little one their own low-maintenance outdoor space, right on their Hobbit Hole's doorstep. Colourful pots of flowers and even solar lights will also help to make your hobbits feel more at home.

When J R R Tolkein created the world of The Hobbit he did so with the hope of bringing the fun of fairy tales to life. Now you can do the same in your own back garden, whether it is to keep your little ones occupied or to give your teens some much needed space. All you need is a toolbox, some DIY materials and a nice fresh patch of artificial grass. Lay the groundwork for your Hobbit Hole today and call the Artificial Lawn Company. 

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