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Fake Grass Infill Options for Homeowners

It wasn’t very long ago that people didn’t know much about artificial grass. Artificial grass was usually installed in sports’ arenas and other playfields to keep pitches green and intact, even after rough play and heavy use. Artificial grass has drastically changed in recent years though, becoming the primary option for a lot of businesses and homeowners when it comes to finding the best gardening options.

Artificial grass is liked by many because it requires very little upkeep. If you install artificial grass and leave it there for a year, you would still find it in good condition and if you washed the grass down and did a little touching up, it would be as good as new. You will be amazed by how lush the grass gets with just a ten minute clean. Since artificial grass is, well, artificial all it needs is a proper clean-up, and it can stay in top condition for years and years. What's more is that it doesn't even need half of the amount of water, sunlight, soil and other materials natural grass needs to stay alive.

As artificial grass is gaining more and more popularity among people in UK, many consumers want to install the grass themselves. While a lot of people know how to prepare the ground for the installation of artificial grass and about how to attach various pieces of fake grass to each other, a lot of people don't know much about grass infill options.

Grass Infill

Without grass infill, an artificial lawn could never be prepared properly. This is why it is important for every artificial grass installer to know what an artificial grass infill is, how many options there are when it comes to acquiring the infill and how to get it installed.

One type of fake grass infill is Silica Sand, often used by a lot of DIYers. This type of infill is made up of natural silica, and some of these infills come with a light rubber coating. This type of grass infill is used predominantly by those who plan to prepare the ground for sports or other physical activities. One of the greatest things about the Silica Sand is that it holds the power to absorb pet urine odour.

Durafill is yet another fake grass infill that is fairly new, but holds good quality. For one, it is eco-friendly and holds no toxins of any kind that could harm its installers. This type of infill prevents spores and bacteria growth. Also, Durafill is the perfect option for pet owners as it doesn't absorb pet urine, and you can easily wash the mess away with clean water. It doesn't contain heavy metals or silica dust, and this product is cost effective as well.

A grass infill is an essential element of artificial sports' surfaces as well as regular lawns because it helps the artificial grass blades to stand up. If there is no infill installed in the grass, the grass will appear flat. An infill also saves the artificial grass from the ultraviolet rays which could cause a significant amount of damage to the grass.    

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