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Whilst the cold winter weather continues, our wildlife needs an extra helping hand. With all the dangers that our streets possess, ensuring that our gardens are wildlife-friendly is one of the best things we can do to care for animals. Laying artificial grass and building small hideouts are only some of the steps that you can follow to create a safe haven for wildlife.

With nature reserves being packed to the brim and many areas being overpopulated with human life, animals need more places to call home. Here are some things that you can do to help your neighbourhood animals stay safe and happy.

Laying Artificial Grass

Whilst this might seem a big step to take towards helping the environment it will also benefit you, giving you beautiful green grass all year round that is easy to maintain. But, more importantly, it's safe for animals as they aren't in danger of being poisoned by chemicals used to enhance the growth of grass. It must be noted that these animals are essential to our ecosystem and must be protected.

Creating Hiding Spaces

During this time of year, many animals go in into hibernation but are constantly disturbed by their surroundings. Creating a space that they can hide safely in will enable them to rest with ease. It's also useful for some animals who are giving birth as it will give them a safe space in which to raise their young without falling victim to the weather or other animals.

Hang A Bird Feeder

While many birds leave during the colder months, the ones remaining often struggle with lack of food. Installing a bird feeder will keep them well fed and enable them to keep going throughout the winter. As a bonus, bird feeders can attract many types of bird, giving you the opportunity to see some beautiful species whilst ensuring they are safe.

Do Not Disturb

Following these steps may attract some amazing animals, but the whole idea is to give them a space in which they feel safe. Whilst you might want to see what creatures have taken up home in your garden, you should never disturb them. It's essential to remember that these animals can be very nervous and easily scared, so it's better to leave them be rather than to possibly scare them away.

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