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One of the many factors that influence us when making that all-important decision regarding where to send children for day care, especially when it comes to nurseries and schools, is the availability of outdoor space and gardens. While this decision is often an important one, it is not always a deal breaker. That being said, outdoor space is still essential for any educational facility, and is a concern for many parents. 

Whether they use artificial grass or real, playtime is essential to the development and growth of children, especially when they are young. Playing and socialising with friends is a great way to encourage children out of their shells and improve their communication skills. It also allows them to use their imagination.

As such, you might say that regular playtime is one of the most important parts of a child’s life before they start school. 

As anyone who has lived in the UK for more than an hour will know, it rains a lot. Not just rain, though, oh no! It is windy, stormy, and cloudy with skies that are often incredibly dull. This shouldn't hinder the development of the next generation, though. Thanks to Artificial Lawn Company, you can now create an indoor play area that is perfect for children - no matter what the weather forecast promised! 

With artificial indoor grass in place of a carpet, you can easily transform the look and feel of that unused space in your nursery or school. Thanks to a fake lawn, your nursery or school will gain maximum results with minimal effort. 

With your base in place, you can then start to build your indoor playground. Artificial indoor grass is much more durable than a living lawn, or even carpet - so you can get that sandpit and make use of a water play station without having to worry about the carpet being ruined.

Playing indoor team sports, adding a hopscotch and providing children with hula hoops, skipping ropes and other outdoor toys means they will be able to enjoy playtime like it wasn't windy and rainy outside, no matter what.

Our full range of artificial grass is suitable to for use indoors, so please take a look and see what might work for your nursery or school. Liven up the décor, and liven up their playtime. For further information, feel free to contact our team today.  

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