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What to Use Instead of Real Grass This Year

Most gardens have real turf laid down in the form of an expansive lawn. If your garden receives even sunlight with no shadows cast by opposing houses, trees, shrubbery or toys such as trampolines, there’s a good chance it looks healthy and luscious. That is, of course, unless you have children or pets who like to run rings around the lawn with their tiny, mud-provoking feet. 

In that case, your lawn will likely be a shredded, muddy mess for the entirety of winter which, in the UK, can be most of the year. If you’re tired of dealing with bald, yellow patches, swathes of mud and constant mowing, it could be high time to think of replacement garden surface ideas. Even if you just want to shake things up a bit and add more dimension to your outdoor space, there are plenty of options out there.

For those wondering what to use instead of grass, we’ve put together some garden ideas you can implement this year. 

1. Wild Garden 

Garden wildlife in the UK is in decline, with populations of mammals, insects and birds decreasing by as much as 60% since 1970, and things are only getting worse thanks to climate change and urbanisation. The good news is, you can support natural ecosystems in your garden, and with minimum effort, too.

If your garden is lacking in colour apart from green, set aside a specific area and turn it into a wild patch. It could be a designated patch at the bottom of the garden, or it could be an entire border. If you have a small garden or a balcony, you can use a raised planter to get similar effects on a smaller scale. 

To make a wild patch, you can effectively let your garden do as it pleases! Of course, if your garden gets a lot of shade or the lawn is in bad shape in general, a wild patch might not be easy to grow using what you have. In this case, or if you want something a bit more exotic, you can buy wild seed mixes which – once sown – will sprout a variety of natural grasses and meadow flowers. 

2. Decking

Grass isn’t for everyone, and in gardens with bumps and slopes, it can look untidy and be hard to manage. In this instance, decking is a great solution for evening out your garden surface. Not only will you be able to remove the risks associated with uneven gardens, but you will also be able to create a designated dining and entertaining area to host guests, eat food and soak up the sun. 

Decking is typically installed in a portion of a garden, allowing you to mix and match surfaces and create a dynamic space that can be zoned off for different uses. Even if you’re happy with the majority of your garden, adding some decking could elevate it to the next level and create an interesting aesthetic that your neighbours will be jealous of. 

3. Artificial Lawn

For those who are tired of maintaining a real lawn or who simply do not have the time, there are plenty of backyard artificial turf ideas that can transform your outdoor space from dull and drab to full and fab. Artificial lawn looks great all year round and is always ready to use, making it perfect for summer (and winter, and all other seasons). 

If you want to replace your entire lawn with fake grass, you can, but that isn’t the only option. There are countless artificial grass garden designs that can make your garden look landscaped and perfectly curated; ideal if you’re looking for something different for your outdoor space this year. 

4. Gravel 

Are you an artistic gardener looking to do something different with your space this year but don’t quite know what? If so, gravel is a great option. You can choose from a range of different colours and finishes, but if your house is made of natural stone, it’s a nice idea to try and match the stone on your house with the gravel you choose for your garden. It will create a cohesive appearance and really tie the two spaces together, and that’s particularly useful if you’re struggling to match your indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Gravel perfectly frames areas with shrubbery, but it can also be used to create a walkway between areas. What’s more, unlike paving, it won’t need to be hosed down with a pressure washer. 

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