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When it comes to man's best friend or our puurrfect felines, we want to give them the best in life; a healthy diet, plenty of love and a luscious green space for them to run around in. However, many homeowners will understand the pain and bore of having to maintain their lawns only to have them ripped up a day later. Dry mud patches and mess can ruin the appearance of your once pristine garden, not to mention your destroyed flower beds after your pet lost their favourite toy amongst the petunias.

A lot of British homeowners are looking for a way out of this inevitable disaster and many have found comfort in the growing popularity of artificial grass. Below we have compiled a few reasons why artificial grass is great for pets.

Soft and Durable

For starters, artificial grass is very soft making it ideal for the rough and tumble of playful pets, not to mention incredibly durable and resilient against damage commonly inflicted by pet play. In addition, it also eliminates the issue of harmful dry patches meaning that your pet can play in peace and reduces the risk of injury. This will help to keep your lawn looking fresh and new all year round!

Whatever the Weather

As fake grass lawns drain the effects of heavy rainfall fairly quickly, it means that your pet can play outside whatever the weather without the issue of muddy paw prints all around the house. So, following torrential weather, your pet can explore the garden without a care in the world without you having to worry about your pet slipping and sliding around the garden; this is another way to help reduce the risk of injury.

Mess will be a thing of the past

One thing that many pet owners dread is picking up their pets faeces in order to keep the garden looking at least clean, however, with artificial grass, you can literally wash it away! This is a huge benefit for people that just don't have the time to spend ages in the garden with a plastic bag and again, can help to enhance the appearance of your garden.

A Realistic Touch

Artificial grass isn't just great for dogs and cats; it can be perfect for reptiles too, particularly snakes. By lining the tank with fake grass, it helps add a touch of the wild and gives your snake something soft to climb and rest in. Reptiles are said to be quite fond of the fake lawn's natural colour and touch. In addition, with its easy clean guarantee, it can be an easier alternative for bedding as it can be regularly washed down and replaced and the best part? It comes fairly cheap on today's market and can be bought in bulk and simply cut down to size as and when you need to use it.

These are just a few reasons why artificial grass is great for pets! Do you have any more?

If you're considering investing in a fake grass lawn for your pet but need a bit more information on how it can benefit you both as a homeowner and pet owner, please do not hesitate to get in touch today through our ‘contact us' page. We would be happy to answer any enquiries you may have. 

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