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Children - they’re lovers of sugar, excitement and winding their parents up! We love them, but our little ones can become particularly challenging when cabin fever sets in. However, there’s no need to worry the next time you’re stuck inside with the kids all day! If you’re armed with the appropriate area, then we’ve got some awesome indoor activities that will keep your children entertained and burn away their excess energy.

If you have an artificial grass play area then you’re especially in luck because these activities are perfectly suited to artificial lawn flooring. They become easier to set up, quicker to clear away and if there are any accidents, they’re a breeze to clean! You can’t say no to less cleaning, can you?


Simple, easy and suitable in all settings, headstands develop core strength as well as balance. A full body workout that will tire your little ones out for a while, at least! Just make sure to supervise your budding gymnast to reduce the risk of injury.

Balloon Blow

Pump up a balloon, set up a course through the house and challenge your child to blow a balloon all the way to the finish line. Get involved too because it’s much harder than it looks! Lots of crawling develops upper body as well as core strength, whilst tiring your youngster out. Add an extra level of challenge or competitiveness by timing each attempt to see who can reach the end fastest. This activity is especially great with our Play Lawn artificial grass that provides durable, soft and cushioned flooring.

Obstacle Course

Combine mental and physical challenges to engage your child in every way. Move furniture or lay out a course using masking tape, combining physical climbing challenges with puzzles to encourage development and help them burn off all that excess energy.

Animal Race

Jump like a frog, hop like a kangaroo or crawl like a crab! Set up a racecourse, get the stopwatch out and you’ll add that competitive edge to help motivate your little ones.


One of the best and most fun exercises, throw some great music on and show off your best moves. Make it a little interesting with a musical statues game where all the players have to freeze the moment the music stops. Failure to freeze means you’re out of the game and the last player standing wins!

Star Jumps

Another classic choice! Star jumps are easy to incorporate into other activities and are some of the best fat burners out there. An invaluable addition to any indoor activity repertoire.

Clean-Up Race

This one can be a little more difficult to achieve but if you get it working, you’ll be achieving two things at once! Set up a race to see who can clean up a given room first. This activity involves speed, picking up, putting down and reaching. All high-energy tasks that improve flexibility and overall fitness whilst simultaneously burning energy - and tidying your home!


This playground classic is easy to set up in the home using masking tape. Reusable and great fun, this activity is perfect because you can come back to it time and time again.

Pillow Fight

Timeless and deceptively energy intensive, pillow fights can move all over the house, making for full body development and great fun all rolled into one.

Pushover Parents

Get a wide, stable stance and challenge your child to push you over. This is extremely simple but perfect for burning energy and developing your young one’s strength. Make sure to do this one on a soft surface like artificial grass or carpet, because if they do succeed in pushing you over, you want something soft to fall on!

Sticky Note Spelling

The perfect combination of cognitive and physical development, set up 26 sticky notes on a door, one for each letter of the alphabet. Then set a throwing line, grab some small bean bags or balled-up socks and challenge your child to spell a word by hitting the necessary letters. Make sure they go and collect their bean bags afterwards as this is all part of the exercise. For an extra challenge, make them start from the beginning of the word whenever they make a mistake.

Mirror, Mirror

Stand face-to-face with your child and have them copy your movements. Keep it interesting with star jumps, press ups, sprinting on the spot and high fives. Then, swap places and copy your child. It’s surprisingly hard work!

Hula Hooping

An age-old classic, hula hooping is safe, quiet and great for your core muscles and lower body. Not to mention that it’s impressive once you master it! Get involved and this will keep everyone entertained.


Especially suitable for areas with soft flooring like our artificial grass, grab some thread and tape it to the walls, spanning across the room at different heights. Sprinkle some pom poms across the floor and challenge your child to collect them all without touching the thread. If they touch the thread, then make them restart. Depending on how difficult you make it, this can make great exercise due to the stretching and crawling necessary to avoid the thread.

Pillow Dens

Grab all the pillows, cushions and old sheets you can find and build an indoor fort. This takes a little time but is great for helping young minds understand their surroundings. The best part is that creating the den in the morning means it’s reusable over the course of the day, keeping your child distracted for a lot longer than many other activities.


There’s not much to explain here. This is a particularly great game if your house has multiple floors or little nooks and crannies that children can slip into. The initial hiding requires speed, quick decision making and physical exertion, whilst seeking involves looking up and down, getting on your knees and tiptoeing to peek over furniture - all great exercises that will help out during those cabin fever moments.

Treasure Hunt

A fun and exciting activity, bring together the promise of treats and some creativity to have your child running all over the house in search of treasure. This works especially well if you hide the treats inside, underneath or on top of things, making sure that your little one must look properly to find each one. For slightly older children, add riddles or puzzles to boost their cognitive development too.

Simon Says

A simple game that gives you all the power, have your children follow any command starting with “Simon Says”. Keep it fun by combining silly and physically-demanding requests like “Simon says eat a biscuit without using your hands.” and “Simon says run around the house like a chicken.”

The Floor is Lava

An iconic activity where you set up a course of objects that your child must jump to, without touching the floor. With multiple players you can make this especially interesting, adding multiple routes and turning the challenge into a race.

Race Car Track

Perfect for car-loving children, set up a house-wide race track using masking tape. This will have your little one running all over and regularly crawling, improving upper body and core strength.

There are countless ideas out there to keep your little ones engaged during rainy days stuck indoors. Make sure to experiment and you’re bound to stumble onto a great activity that your children love. For the perfect indoor play area, get in touch with the Artificial Lawn Company and we’ll advise you on the best options for your project.

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