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Choosing artificial grass for your home or business isn't just about appearances - there is a whole range of benefits to be enjoyed, from lower maintenance to reduced costs. However, when the time comes to install your artificial lawn, you want to know that you are getting the most cost-effective option that will bring you years of active use.

At the Artificial Lawn Company, we offer a selection of different grasses with suitability for pets, children or sports. Finding the right one for you will ensure a long-lasting garden that brings you as much joy as the day it was installed. 

With so many options available, choosing the best artificial turf for your needs may seem a little overwhelming, but here at the Artificial Lawn Company, we are happy to help. We've put together this comprehensive guide on choosing the best artificial grass for your requirements, with all the positive and negatives you'll need to know to make an informed choice based on your budget while keeping maintenance and environmental influences in mind.

Artificial Grass for Residential Gardens

Picking the Best Artificial Grass for YouArtificial grass is becoming increasingly commonplace within residential gardens, and with the high quality of modern artificial grass, it is often hard to distinguish from a natural lawn. This makes it the perfect choice for someone looking for a lower-maintenance garden without compromising on the aesthetic of their outdoor space.

The Most Natural Artificial Grass for Your Garden

Our brand new Supreme Lawn is not only by far the most realistic lawn we offer but also across the market. When placed next to natural grass it is difficult to tell its not the real thing!


  • Four natural grass colour shades
  • A deep 45mm pile with varying lengths
  • Both straight and curled fibres for a natural look
  • Soft comforting feel

The Luxury Lawn is a highly realistic, top-of-the-range lawn that will transform the visual appeal of your garden.

  • Four natural grass colour shades
  • A deep 40mm pile
  • Both straight and curled fibres for a natural look
  • Soft comforting feel

The Landscape Lawn is a shorter fibre grass and offers a more refined aesthetic.

  • 30mm pile length
  • Two-tone natural fibre colours
  • Hard-wearing fibres for long-lasting durability
  • Memory-fibre pile offers excellent recovery

These lawns are incredibly easy to maintain, with minimal effort required to ensure your lawn is kept in tip-top condition - no matter what the weather. A quick brush on a regular basis will keep the blades looking neat and tidy, as well as regularly removing debris and leaves. Cleaning your lawn simply could not be easier with the use of a hose to rinse and wash down. Always remember not to use metal garden tools as these can damage your lawn. 

Artificial lawns are most commonly found in residential gardens and it isn’t hard to see why. Not only does this mean that your garden is free from mud and weeds, but you save time and money without the need to mow and water your lawn, too. Choosing the best artificial turf for your garden ensures your outside space looks great all year round.

Artificial Lawn for Dogs and Pets

Any dog owner will tell you that their pet is a creature of habit – and when it comes to your garden, this can often leave lasting and unsightly damage when it comes to their favourite spots. With the best artificial grass for dogs, though, you can say goodbye to unappealing grass and instead, have a garden to be proud of all year round. Not just for the dogs, artificial grass is great for use with catteries and catios, providing your feline friend with a soft under-paw surface to enjoy those warm days in the sun.

Our new this year Eco-Pet lawn was specifically designed with pets in mind with a number of key features to ensure a perfect pet friendly lawn. This grass is not only aesthetically pleasing and realistic, but it is durable enough to cope with any four-legged friend. The main difference between this and our other grasses is the polypropylene backing which is permeable. This allows liquids and gas to pass through it easily reducing the risk of smell. On top of this, the yarn of this grass will remain 20% cooler in heat than other artificial grasses reducing the risk of it getting too hot.


  • 30mm pile length
  • Polypropylene permeable backing reducing the risk of smell
  • Cooler yarn which absorbs less heat
  • Four-tone natural fibre colours
  • Hard-wearing fibres for long-lasting durability
  • Memory-fibre pile offers excellent recovery

Many of our customers also opt for our Landscape & Play Lawns if they are looking for something dog-friendly and they have a larger lawn area with already good drainage. We would only 100% recommended the Eco-Pet for smaller garden areas with lots of dogs were very high levels of drainage is a necessity to reduce the risk of smell.

The Most Durable Artificial Lawn for Dog Owners

Picking the Best Artificial Grass for You

  • The ideal artificial turf for pets will have a shorter pile, much like our Pedigree Grass – as seen at Crufts for the last few years.

  • Short 15mm pile
  • Olive green fibre colour
  • Attractive curled natural fibres
  • Excellent durability for heavy use

The shorter pile makes it easier to clean up any messes and it is much more durable in terms of outside play and increased footfall from your excitable furry friends. Clean up is just a quick spray down with your garden hose or if deeper cleaning is required, scrubbing with some soapy water will remove all potential stains.

At just 15mm, this fake grass is the ideal choice for dog owners. All of our lawns are safe for use with pets, no matter what the weather, as well as proving to be a cost-effective and low-maintenance option. Easily cleaned in minutes making it a hygienic alternative to natural grass, it is also safe for dogs and their sensitive paws as well.

Suitable for home use, as well as for use with agility training and dog runs alike, the Pedigree Grass will make life with dogs a walk in the park!

Artificial Grass for Sports and Active Gardens

Whether you are looking for the best artificial grass for playing sports in the garden or for heavier usage, there are a number of different lawns available to utilise. Sports surfaces require a much more durable lawn due to heavy footfall which can lead to more wear and tear in certain areas – such as on a football pitch. Further to this, some sports require a more specialised surface for performance purposes, such as putting greens.

Excellent Recovery Artificial Grass for Sporting Activities

Picking the Best Artificial Grass for You

  • Teeing Areas – the grass laid in a golf teeing area receives a lot of traffic, flattening and damaging natural grass and causing areas to become thin, patchy or yellowed. Prevent having to re-lay your teeing area every season and ensure it always looks its best by investing in some Golf Tee Turf artificial grass. Not only is it more durable than natural grass, but it will maintain your tee-off area at a consistent level of quality to impress your golfers

    Features include;
  • Hard-wearing and durable fibres
  • Works with or without standard golf tees
  • Two-tone natural grass shades
  • Heavy-duty pile offers excellent bounce-back
  • More intense games such as football and other ball sports are prone to pitch wear and tear, but there are a number of different turfs available that not only reduce damage over time but provide players with a high-quality pitch, too. Our Landscape and Play Lawns are ideal for this purpose, offering a 30mm and 35mm pile respectively and responsive memory-fibres that provide excellent bounce-back after use.

    Our Play Lawn features;
  • Deep, soft 35mm pile
  • A mix of straight and curled fibres for a natural appearance
  • Excellent bounce-back and durability
  • An attractive mix of three grass shades

With a long-lasting durable and hard-wearing artificial lawn, you will no longer need to worry about ankle-twisting divots and thinning patches from pets, children and their friends charging up and down the garden in excitement. Less maintenance means more time for you to join in the fun, less concern about the garden getting heavy use in the warmer months and a garden that looks good all year round, regardless of the weather.

Here at the Artificial Lawn Company, we stock a wide variety of synthetic grasses which are perfect for dedicated sports pitches. For more information, simply contact our team who can give you advice on installing a durable artificial grass pitch.

Artificial Lawns for Schools and Playrooms

More and more schools are making the move towards artificial grass than ever before, and it isn’t hard to see why. The benefits for schools are tenfold due to the extra demands placed upon them across all seasons, making a durable and reliable play surface imperative.

Benefits for Schools and Nurseries

  • Picking the Best Artificial Grass for YouDurable and long-lasting – perfect for playtime and Physical Education
  • Flexible to suit odd shapes and spaces in playgrounds and outdoor spaces
  • Cost-effective – no ongoing labour-intensive maintenance such as watering or mowing required
  • Looks good all year round with minimal effort required for upkeep
  • Safer than alternatives such as natural grass which can be slippery and muddy in wet weather, as well as tarmac and woodchip which can be troublesome for trips and falls
  • Easy to maintain on a long-term basis
  • Won’t go patchy or bald due to increased use
  • No unsightly muddy patches or puddles to deal with
  • Happy parents/guardians don’t need to deal with grass stains
  • Environmentally friendly – less water usage, no need for mowing or expensive reseeding and weed control

Our artificial turf recommendation for use in schools and nurseries would be the Play Lawn as it is durable, resilient and has excellent recovery from heavy footfall. The three-toned, 35mm pile is perfect for playing and learning.

Pair with our popular Grassflex Shock Tiles to create a playground-safe surface that offers fall protection up to 1.5m, defending against fall-related injuries. Grassflex Shock Tiles offer excellent bounce-back, even after heavy use, ensuring there is no need to worry about frequently used areas becoming damaged over time.

 Grassflex Shock Tiles include;

  • Open cell material provides excellent drainage, no sitting water on play surfaces
  • Fall protection up to a height of 1.5m, for installation under school playground equipment
  • Durable recovery for a long-lasting installation
  • Interlocking tiles provide ample coverage

Looking to Save Money? 

Contrary to popular belief, having a high-quality artificial lawn won’t break the bank thanks to the availability of our Easy Lawn. Despite being our most affordable option, we don’t compromise on quality, as demonstrated with this 25mm-pile straight and curled turf. We keep costs down by removing the need for a sand infill without reducing or compromising on the overall quality of the product.

Features of our cost-effective artificial lawn Easy Lawn;

    • C-Shape memory fibres for excellent bounce-back
    • A natural mixture of straight and curled fibres
    • 25mm deep, soft-to-touch pile
    • No in-fill required, keeping costs down
    • Attractive appearance boasting three-tone fibres

Lightweight and durable, this artificial lawn is available to order by the metre and offers the same great benefits as our other lawns when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. Easy to install, this budget-friendly artificial lawn will transform the look of your garden in no time at all.

Lawns for Roof Gardens and Terraces 

Having a great looking garden is no longer reserved for those in the suburbs – the addition of artificial turf can transform a roof terrace with ease for those living in more urbanised areas. That being said, a roof garden is a wonderful addition of extra outdoor space for anyone with space.

The Most Luxurious Artificial Lawn for Your Roof Garden

Picking the Best Artificial Grass for You

In many ways, artificial grass is ideal for use on a roof or terrace, as it is lightweight and drains with ease – which is very important in smaller spaces with a potential weight limit. 
When looking for the right lawn for your terrace or roof garden, you need to consider a shorter length grass that can be used with Lawnflex tiles. The addition of this underlayer provides you with ample space for drainage and provides a softer feel underfoot, giving your rooftop garden a more natural feel, despite the height. 

Lawnflex tiles are designed for;

    • Providing a lightweight, 18mm cushioned underlay
    • Accommodating excellent drainage to prevent sitting water
    • Interlocking edges for simple installation

Shorter pile artificial grasses available in our range include Leisure and Landscape. Leisure gives a fresh and soft feel for a more natural appearance which is ideal for smaller spaces or balconies, whereas Landscape offers a slightly longer pile with a beautiful aesthetic – perfect for terraces and gardens in the sky.

Is Leisure Lawn perfect for you? Features include;

  • Soft to the touch, 35mm deep pile
  • Memory fibres offer fantastic recovery
  • Natural three-tone appearance
  • An attractive mix of curled and straight fibres

Turf for Exhibitions and Displays

Picking the Best Artificial Grass for YouAny business that works the exhibition circuit will know the importance of a well-designed display and the impact it can have on attracting a crowd, and ultimately the success of the event. The aesthetic you present can really make or break the day, so the materials you utilise need to be of the highest quality, which is where the best artificial turf comes into play. 

Not only is artificial grass a great way to bring your exhibition space to life, injecting some much-needed colour and creating a talking point, but it can also help your business stand out from the crowd.

Choosing the Right Lawn for Your Display 

When setting up at an event, it is important to create an appealing visual to catch the eye of potential customers or clients. With that in mind, there are two lawns that would be the perfect addition to your exhibition display - Luxury Lawn and Easy Lawn. 

  • Luxury Lawn is a prestigious artificial lawn with a 40mm memory-fibre pile in four contrasting colours, that comes together to provide a premium grass offering quality throughout
  • Easy Lawn offers a slightly shorter pile length at 25mm, but the three-tone colour mix ensures that this grass is a high-quality option without splashing out on our Luxury Lawn

Both options give a natural and professional feel to any display, ensuring that your display is the one that stays at the forefront of people’s minds.

The Environmental Impact 

With so many options available, knowing the different types of artificial turf and their specific benefits when utilised in a variety of scenarios is of paramount importance. Whatever your reason for looking for the best artificial grass around, you can rest assured that you will find the perfect option to suit your needs. 

From improved family life through to keeping your pets and children safe and happy and attracting a crowd at your next event, you can rest assured that by finding the best artificial grass for your needs, you will soon be reaping the rewards. 

Want more information? Please do not hesitate to contact our team or refer to our artificial lawn calculator for more information on what type of artificial grass is best for you.

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